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Why Forest Conservation is Essential For the Environment

For the sake of our environment, forestry is incredibly important. Forest conservation is key in securing a healthy, nature fulfilled  and sustainable environment, and allowing us to have control in the earth’s climate system. We should take pride in all nature around us, and the best way to do this is to conserve and look after it and keep it protected as best we can. 

Because forestry is so important for the environment, we thought we’d tell you a little more about it and explain why conservation is essential and some things we can do to help…


What is forestry?

Forestry essentially means conserving and taking care of forests and woodlands. Forestry is important as it is what protects these things and makes for a more sustainable environment. Without forestry, our planet would suffer and as would all living things. There are different things that can be done to contribute towards forest conservation, but the most important thing is that this is consistent and always taken care of. 


Why forest conservation is essential

As we know, forests and woodlands are full of all kinds of plants and trees, which are essential to our planet. All trees and plant life have so many productive functions, including precipitation, air and water circulation, and biodiversity to name a few. Trees are essential for human life to exist, as they absorb carbon dioxide. Photo-synthesis is a process where plants absorb carbon dioxide and then use sunlight to convert this into oxygen. So, without forestry conservation, there could actually be a detrimental effect on human life.

All life on this planet is valued, and it’s important to remember that forests and all of the plants and trees in them have a role in providing shelter and comfort to animals that live there. We have a responsibility as humans to protect our wildlife, and forest conservation is one way we can ensure that we are doing this. 

Furthermore, forests have a huge role to play in preventing global warming, or at least slowing it down as much as possible, and therefore forestry and conservation is vital in the survival of our planet. So many environmental factors we rely on in our day to day lives are associated with forestry, such as controlling climate change. Forest conservation allows us to build a sustainable environment.


What we can do to help forest conservation…

Ultimately, forest conservation has to be a constant effort. It is something we must always be working on and keeping on top of in order to allow our forests to be in the best possible condition. One of the biggest things is controlling trees and healthy growth, and we can do this by regularly cutting trees so as to keep them in a good, healthy condition and stop them from rotting and dying. On the other hand, when a tree dies or is dying, this should be cut down as soon as possible so that a new one can be planted.

Another way to conserve our forests, is reforestation. This means that when an area is destroyed, like by a fire for example, it is reforested in order for the area to continue growing plants and trees and therefore help the environment.

Something that is very harmful to our forests, are diseases, and these can be easily throughout the area they develop. Viruses and fungi are very common in forests but the impact of them can be severe which is why we need to keep them under control. You can actually provide antibiotics and chemical sprays and apply these to the virus or affected area to get rid of it. Furthermore, planting disease resistant trees is another great way to keep surrounding plants and trees protected. 

These are only a handful of ways that we are able to help forest conservation. For more information or if you would like to speak to us regarding forestry hire, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.