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What Do You Know About Hedge Cutting?

More than any other time of the year, summer is a period where you want your garden to be most presentable. This is because during the warmer months we spend a lot more time outdoors, and we want to take pride in our outdoor space. However, do you know what time of the year you should actually cut your hedges?

With any sort of plants, trees, grass or hedges, they do tend to become overgrown and a little bit scruffy if not kept on top of regularly. All garden maintenance is important, whether your property is public or private. The appearance from the exterior of your property can create impressions on people, and so keeping it neat and tidy and well maintained is the key to giving a good impression.


Do you know when you last had your hedge trimmed?

Generally speaking, hedges usually only need to be cut around once a year. However, any time you feel as though you need to cut your hedges, perhaps if they are becoming a little overgrown, you should do so. Knowing when your hedge was last trimmed is important as it indicates whether it is due to be cut anytime soon. Keeping on top of this ensures that your hedges always look neat, healthy and presentable and give off a good impression from the exterior of your property.


Are your hedges causing an obstruction?

It is common for people to have hedges around the edge of their property, and this means that if they become overgrown, they can actually cause a disruption, as they can create a bit of a blockage on the pavement and become a hindrance to people getting past. Not everybody takes the same level of care with their hedges. Some people may cut them every year, whereas others might never cut their hedges. It is necessary to trim them to stop them from becoming an obstruction. If you do not feel confident to do this or do not have the necessary equipment, you can contact companies such as ourselves here at GW Plant Hire to come and do the job for you.


Keeping your hedges healthy

Cutting your hedges is an important factor in keeping them healthy. Regular trimming and maintenance ensures that they can continue to grow properly and in a healthy way, and that your hedges don’t get any diseases and become damaged. It also helps to keep them thick and bushy, which is great for wildlife, but also ideal for privacy if you have hedges that border your property.


It cannot interfere with bird nesting season

One of the most important things to note when it comes to cutting your hedges, is that this must be done outside of bird nesting season. This season runs roughly from February through to August. The reason you cannot trim your hedges during this time, is because it can cause harm to the wildlife and the birds that may be nesting in there. Laws in place indicate that it is illegal to disturb birds during nesting season in their habitat. Therefore, you must always be aware that hedge cutting has to be done outside of this time frame.