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Vegetation Work Outside of Bird Nesting Season

Bird nesting season runs from throughout February to August every year. It is something that can be quite troublesome for businesses such as ourselves, as it is very much a hindrance to our work and the jobs we are hired to do. During bird nesting season, there are restrictions on what we can do, such as cutting down and clearing trees as it is a danger to the animals and disturbs the nature. However, now bird nesting season has finished, we are able to carry out such jobs successfully.


What is bird nesting season?

Bird nesting season is simply the time throughout the year when all species of birds will do their nesting. Of course, this mostly takes place in trees and hedges, which makes any work involving these quite difficult and often impossible. It is our responsibility as plant hire specialists to ensure that we only conduct vegetation work outside of this period, and always assess if there is any wildlife before we begin a project so as not to breach the Wildlife and Countryside Act. Without doing an assessment, and if any vegetation work is done during bird nesting season that exposes nests to predators and danger, this can lead to prosecution.


When is bird nesting season?

Although the season officially runs from February to August, nesting can of course begin before this starts or continue beyond when it finishes. Therefore, before any vegetation work begins, there should be a wildlife assessment to ensure that there are no birds nesting there, and that none will not be disturbed or harmed in the process.


Ground nesting

Although not typically as common, you can also get ground nesting birds. Because this is a little more unusual, it can sometimes be overlooked and forgotten about. Therefore as with trees and hedges, before any kind of work such as site clearance, a full assessment of the area must be completed so as not to cause any danger or harm to bird species that may be nesting on the ground.


Why now is the perfect time to get your vegetation work done…

If you need any kind of work involving your trees, hedges, or site clearance, we advise getting it done outside of bird nesting season. Now is the perfect time as it has ended and you can get the necessary jobs done and cleared away before it starts again early next year.

Some trees and hedges need regular maintenance and pruning, and this can be an issue during bird nesting season. Therefore, we advise getting in touch with a tree surgeon or plant hire specialist to arrange the necessary work outside of the season. Now is a great time to have any work like this done as the season has been over for more than a month and it is unlikely to disturb any of the wildlife. 


For more information or if you would like to speak to us about having any work done, simply get in touch via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.