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Preparing Your Site with a Forestry Mulcher

Here at GW Plant Hire, we have forestry mulchers available to help maintain and condition your land. The purpose of this piece of machinery is to mulch the area in order to tidy up your site and improve the condition of your soil. It is ideal if you are looking to reduce the amount of maintenance required, as it keeps the soil healthier for longer, and also suppresses growth of things like weeds, which often come as pests to us as it means constantly having to remove them and keep things tidy. 


What is mulching?

So firstly, what actually is mulching? It is basically applying a layer of material to a surface, with the surface usually being soil. So, a forestry mulcher is a piece of machinery designed to do this for you. It will get your site or area of land prepared for growth and progression by laying down a mulch over this surface. 


What is a forestry mulcher used for?

The main purpose of a forestry mulcher, is to apply a mulch to the area of land in question. However, it does more than just that, as this piece of machinery will prepare the site for any impending work, and allow this to take place and run smoothly as the land and surface will be in the best condition possible. 


What are the benefits of mulching?

Before you do any kind of work, you must ensure that the site is in a prepared, well, and safe condition for you to do so. Mulching actually improves fertility as it keeps the soil moist and reduces weed growth. Furthermore, it causes less disruption to all nature around the area. Other forms of site clearance can be very disruptive and actually quite damaging, as it involves disturbing soil and plants and pushing down trees. Mulching is far more environmentally friendly as it avoids any of this, whilst still preparing the land so that it is in the best condition to commence any work or growing of plants.

Another benefit of mulching is that it tidies up the whole area and therefore makes it look more visually appealing. It neatens up the site that is covered in soil by using a mulch to hide this, as well as suppressing the growth of weeds which can often make the place look untidy. Another great thing about this is that it actually helps soil to retain water and nutrients, therefore making it more productive and efficient.

Mulching will help to control the temperature within your soil so that it promotes healthier growth. This also significantly reduces evaporation, which will reduce the amount of water that is necessary. The mulch will help to provide valuable nutrients for your soil so that it stands the best chance of remaining healthy and in good condition.

If you would like to know more about mulching, or wish to hire a forestry mulcher from us, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help!