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How To Prepare Land For A New Build Home

Building a home from nothing is a huge undertaking, sometimes requiring years spent on just the planning process alone, due to how meticulously every step of the work needs to be thought out and considered. For those who have been waiting a long time for the day when work on their new build home can really begin, the laying of those first foundations is a watershed moment – but for this moment to mark the beginning of a successful building process, the land underneath them must have been prepared with careful consideration first.

Preparing a plot of land for the beginning of a new build home is no short task and will certainly require a lot of time and effort. However, if you and your building team know what to do, there’s no reason why it cannot go off without a hitch.

To provide you with a starting point, here is our advice on the proper preparation of land for a new build home.

Ensure You Have The Green Light To Start

Before you reach the stage of preparing the land itself, you should have first had the site reviewed by all the necessary people. This means ensuring you’ve acted on the advice of an architect, had the land surveyed and completed soil tests to deem whether or not the ground is fit for building on.

Make sure you’re not missing out on any essential advice you need about the land before even beginning to prepare it for building on, or you may into trouble further down the line.

Often, it’s best to step back and supervise the process rather than to be the chief decision-maker, especially if you do not have a great deal of experience in building, so act on the advice of those with more knowledge in this area than you have yourself.

Remember that this applies for the legal side of things, too – never make any changes to an area that you do not have the full legal rights to, and check out any legal restrictions on what you are and are not permitted to do in the area.

Clear The Land

Once you have the go-ahead to begin it’s time to start clearing the land!

This will most likely be a long process, and one which is far more complex than you might have first imagined – for that reason, you should never start clearing the land in preparation to build without the help of a qualified and reliable team.

Before you start, ensure you have clearly marked out the area which you and your team will be working on – this process is known as ‘rough-staking’.

The first step in the clearing process is to remove any large debris getting in the way. Unfortunately, empty plots of land are often a target of fly-tippers, so ensure there’s nothing lying about on your land that could have been left there previously.

After all debris has been removed, you should set to work clearing the land of any trees or other vegetation. If there are trees in the general area that you were hoping to keep on the land, this can be done, but they mustn’t be in such a place that they’ll interfere with construction, i.e.: too close to the intended spot for building.

Once you have a clear area, it’s time to begin levelling the land. The length and difficulty of this process varies greatly depending on the land that you are working on, but needs to be completed thoroughly in order to build steady foundations.

After levelling, you will have the opportunity to excavate any planned basement spaces, which should be doing using a ‘fill and cut’ method, in which excavated dirt and rubble is used to level the ground wherever else this is needed. There should be a very slight slope away from the intended spot for the home, as this will contribute to proper drainage and erosion prevention – this is known as rough-grading and will completed to a much higher standard of finish after the house itself is built.

Once this process has been completed in full, your land should be just about ready to lay the foundations and begin the construction process as a whole!

Make Sure You Hire The Right Team

Clearing land and preparing it for the construction of a new home is no easy feat, so make sure that your groundworks and land clearing team are up to the job.

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