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How Our Wood Chipping Services Could Benefit Your Land

Here at GW Plant Hire, we offer professional contract wood chipping services. With many years of experience under our belts, we are able to provide a high quality service covering all of your needs. Many of our clients require regular wood chipping and always come back to us to do the job. 

Wood chipping can be quite an integral part of keeping your site and land clear and in good condition, and so staying on top of this is quite important. It essentially gets rid of unwanted waste on your land and turns it into something more effective and beneficial. We would advise having professionals such as ourselves take care of the project and offer any necessary further advice.

To let you know a bit more about wood chipping and what it entails, we thought we’d break it down a little and explain how it could benefit you and your land…


What is wood chipping?

Woodchips are a product used to create biomass fuel. However, the woodchips do not just come ready made, but rather we have to obtain these ourselves, using a smooth and effective process of wood chipping. Ultimately, woodchips are small pieces of wood created from things like wood waste, trees, logs, stumps, etc. Wood chipping is the process of cutting these materials down using the necessary equipment, in order to produce woodchips as the end product. This material can then be used for a number of different purposes, and can in fact be very good for your garden.


How it is beneficial to your site…

As woodchips are a raw material, they can provide a number of uses. Not only are they used to create biomass fuel, but you can also use woodchips in gardening, organic mulching, landscaping and more. They provide lots of useful and organic uses, and are sourced using your own garden materials, making the process very economical and effective. Furthermore, as woodchips can provide various different uses for your land, it is a very effective way of disposing of unwanted waste, whilst gaining the necessary materials to help your garden.


Why you should choose GW Plant Hire…

As a team we have over 16 years of experience in land projects and plant hire. Part of our wide range of high quality services includes wood chipping, which we perform with our own machinery and tools designed to complete the job smoothly and successfully. All of our wood chipping services are carried out in line with regulations and to an exceptionally high standard. 

To chip virgin timber we use our own shears, which are built to grab, cut and pile the wood ready to be loaded and moved. Our self-loading chippers will then process these and enable us to produce wood chippings to your requirements and standards. The chippings will then eventually be sold on as biomass fuel. 

Our entire process of wood chipping services are tried and tested and very successful and reliable. If you think we could help you or if you would like to speak to us about our services, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.