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Converting Wood Chippings to Biofuel

As a society, we have become much better at being more environmentally aware, and making conscious efforts to be more eco-friendly in our day-to-day lives. This includes making all kinds of changes to what we do, however, there are endless amounts of ways we can do our bit for the environment, and some things are a little less known about than others. One example of this is converting wood chippings into biofuel. 

Here at GW Plant Hire, we deal a lot with site clearance and chopping down trees. It is in this process that we discovered a way to be a bit kinder to the environment. Converting wood chippings to biofuel is a great way of creating renewable energy. The more we do this, the cleaner and better our environment becomes, which is why we wanted to tell you a bit more about it in this blog…


How we turn wood chips into biofuel…

The most common ways to produce the renewable energy we need from wood chips, is to burn them. This provides lots of energy which can then be used to convert to biofuel. To begin with, all of the chippings are broken down into fine pellets so that the sugars become exposed. The sugar molecules will then be broken down and the natural substances are then produced. As a result of the process and the amount of renewable energy that gets produced, we can then use this to create biofuel.


Why we do this…

Renewable energy is a much better alternative to other sources that are incredibly damaging and harmful to our environment. Using wood chips to convert and create biofuel, makes a very effective renewable energy source. This can create carbon neutral diesel. Therefore, it is a much more environmentally friendly way to produce the fuels we need, without causing harm to our ecosystem. 

Without doing this, all of the wood chippings that are produced each and every day would just become waste. As a society, we should try and reduce the amount of waste we produce, and aim to instead use this waste to convert into something that will benefit the environment. This is precisely what we work to do during the process of converting wood chippings to biofuel. The process is similar to oil refining but it is a more natural and environmentally friendly way to create the mass amounts of biofuel that we use on a daily basis.

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about having your wood chippings to biofuel, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.